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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance


SL.            NAME OF                                          ELIGIBILITY           AMOUNT


1     Senior Merit Scholarship        Marks secured in the

       (Dept.of Higher Education,    Qualifying Examination                             Govt. of Orissa)          Rs.5000 per annum

2     Sanskrit Scholarship              Marks secured in the

       (Dept. of Higher Education,   Qualifying Examination

       Govt. of Orissa)

3     Hindi Scholarship                   Under Graduate students

       (Dept. of Higher Education,   opting Hindi

       Govt. of Orissa)                                            

4     National Scholarship              Marks secured in the 

       (Dept. of Higher Education,   Qualifying Examination

       Govt. of Orissa)

5    State Scholarship                Under Graduate SC/ST

       (Deptt. of Welfare,                 students whose parents

       Govt. of Orissa)                     annual income is below

                                                      Rs. 60, 965

6     Radhanath Ratha                   Under graduate students

       Scholarship                            securing 60% or above

       (For meritorious &                  marks at Higher

       Poor students :                       Secondary stage.

       Sanctioned by                       

       Samaj Relief Committee,     


7     Physically Handicapped  (Banishree)     Under graduate students

       Scholarship                                              who have 50% disability

       (Deptt. of Welfare,                

       Govt. of Orissa)

8     Children of Beedi Workers     Undergraduate Students

       Scholarship (Ministry of         whose parents are Beedi

       Labour, Govt. of India)           worker

9.    Junior merit scholarship         Rs. 3000/- per annuam

       Girls - 60% Boys 70%            (apply through tnternet)

       Govt. of Odisha

       Necessary documents : Income Certificate,

       Bank Account Number, Marksheet

10.  State Scholarship OBC/SEBC Scholarship for +2 & +3 students 50%

                                                        above mark in Annual HSC Exam-16

                                                        & H.S. Exam - 2016

                                                        can apply through Internet.

      Necessary  documents : OBC/SEBC certificate, Income Certificate, Bank Account Number.

11. Minority scholarship for 2 & +3 students        (only to minority students) 50% above mark  in HSC & +2 level can apply through Internet.

      Necessary  documents : Minority  certificate, Income Certificate, Bank Account Number.


12. Award of Scholarship to children of  persons with  disabilities (Bhimabhoi Bhinnakhyama Samarthiya Abhiyan) Students whose parents have disabilities can apply.

      Necessary  documents : Disabilities certificate of Father,  Income Certificate, Bank Account Number.

13. Pathani Samanta Mathematics Talents scholarship

      Highest mark in mathematics at

      Annual H.S.C. Examination.

      +2 students can apply.

       Necessary  documents : H.S.C. Mark sheet, Bank Account Number.

        14. Jindal Scholarship (Meri +2 & +3 1st year students)

         15.Fakir Mohan Scholarship (For Odia Honours students)


(a)  All scholarships and aid are granted subject to satisfactory conduct and diligence in studies.

(b)  Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if the progress and conduct of the scholar is unsatisfactory.

(c)  No person receiving a scholarship shall be permitted to hold any other scholarship wholly or partly provides by the Government without the special sanction of the Director. Such sanction shall be accorded only for very distinguished merit.

(d)  Absence without leave for any period up to the thirty days at a time shall amount to loss of scholarship for twice the amount for the period of absence.

(e)  Absence without leave for more than thirty days at one time shall amount to forfeiture of the entire scholarship awarded.

(f)   While receiving scholarships or any other financial help from the college office the students should produce their Identity Cards.