The College CREST

The fascinating college CREST comprises the five distinct, dynamic symbols, such as the temple, the microscope the lotus, the ship and the vedic adage. It epitomizes how our temple of higher learning aims at accelerating the process of modernisation keeping in view the glorious past, the dynamic present and the prosperuos future.

The Temple signifies the abode of lord Baruneswar (Lord Shiva), the almighty after whom the college has been named. The Microscope symbolizes the scientific development of the modern time in the field of Science and Technology.

The Lotus is the emblem of unravelling knowledge and hidden potential. The ship symbolizes journey ahead towords material enrichment. Lastly, the vedic adage “TAMASO MA YOTIRGAMAYA” means to move from darkness to light from ignorance to enlighterment.

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From the Principal's Desk

Prof. Bindurekha Nayak, Principal, Baruneswar Mohabidyalaya
Prof. Bindurekha Nayak, M.A. English, DJMC
Baruneswar Mohabidyalaya
What might have been is an abstraction in the world of speculation ?
What might have been, what has been point to one end, which is always present ?

The present of this institution is truly encouraging looking back into the past when this institution took inception in a rural agrarian setup four decades ago.Like many institutions its infancy was tottering though, it has stood erect overcoming all hurdles & barriers. Now it is a NAAC “B+” Grade achiever institution imparting education from +2 & Under Graduate programmes in Arts, Science & Commerce stream, besides having Diploma,P.G. Diploma & P.G. Programmes in ODL method . The present bestows on us some achievements to inspire us.

We are looking forward to achieve more. Still achieving still pursuing as sky is the limit ...

With Best Wishes
Prof. Bindurekha Nayak, M.A. English, DJMC

Baruneswar Mohabidyalaya